Multifamily Asset Repositioning Services

GDE Renovations offers a full portfolio of multifamily asset repositioning services aimed at optimizing your property’s value without causing you to break the bank. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who insure maximum value in your investment.

What We Do

Cosmetic Changes

We understand the importance of taking steps in the right direction while repositioning your property. Our experts work hand in hand with you to understand your project needs and budget and will present you with an estimate tailored to meet your requirements.

Structural Updates

GDE will maximize the value of your investment and enhance your property’s market positioning. Our Project Managers are experienced in carrying out an array of structural updates, such as adding decks, repairing beams and columns, and tweaking the existing architecture to introduce new elements in your property. We also prepare a detailed timeline before going ahead with any project, to ensure seamless execution and timely completion of projects.

Need More Info?

Should you have any questions related to our repositioning services, you can call us at 770-458-7676 or email us via our contact form.



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